5 steps to run a Half marathon

It is Sunday 26th February 2017, due to a family gathering and a tasty dinner I am writing this much later than I thought, but I am writing it, I am beginning.

I have wanted to lose weight and get leaner for a very long time, it is pretty much in the start of every journal, the resolution of every year and by far the one thing that makes me feel like a consistent failure. I feel I have tried different approaches but I either lose interest or get side tracked, so I am trying something new.

I have chosen to run the Royal Parks Half Marathon on behalf of the Royal Voluntary Service on Sunday 8th October 2017. I intend to raise £300 by then for the charity, which provides assistance to people in Leicester age 55+ as they come home out of hospital.

This gives me 7 months to prepare for the 13.1mile run and I am not a runner. I have completed a 5km race for breast cancer a year ago, using the Couch to 5k App, but something clicked in my determination after that event and I just stopped running.

The POA (Plan Of Action)

  1. Firstly, writing here on this public space, committing my intentions to myself and to others in word form.
  2. Understanding my goal and why I want to achieve it.
  3. Undergoing the Couch to Half Marathon Training
  4. Reflecting on my weekly runs using this blog and planning the runs for the week ahead.
  5. Using my own Relaxation Therapy to motivate me and keep me focused every step of the way.

This week I intend to run on Tuesday 28th February, Thursday 2nd March and Saturday 4th March. It will be a challenge and I would love any support or advice anyone can offer me. If you have any questions please comment below and I will respond as soon as I can.

Be Happy, Healthy and Mindful!





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