Running…out of excuses

I have volunteered myself to run the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October, and I have yet to actually start training. In my mind I am a fast, graceful runner, breathing in the scent of nature as I run through a beautiful woodland path. In reality, the fastest I move is from my car to my front door as I scurry in from the wet weather. I have enjoyed two 3 mile walks this week and I have categorised that as ‘pre-training’, who says that isn’t a thing?

I have my running shoes, I have now set up my Just Giving page and donated £25 of my own hard earned money to confirm my place, now I just need to start. I have worked out a plan. I will start my couch to ten-kilometre run this week I will then be able to run 10k by mid-June. I plan to continue running 5k three times a week after that but swapping the last 5k for a longer run on alternate weeks. Gradually increasing my distance by a mile every fortnight and so I will reach 13 miles on October 8th. Sounds easy, right?

I am quite nervous about this, I don’t want to fail but I know I can walk if I need to. I am probably more worried about succeeding. I do not want to be an annoying half marathon runner, touting the benefits of running to uninterested parties, but I do want to get fitter and feel and see improvements in myself. Hopefully, once training begins I will tune out these negative comments.

I can use hypnotherapy here, by allowing my mind to relax and creating a scene where my friends and family are supporting me and cheering me on. Where no one feels I am talking down to them or showing off my running and exercise plan. It is incredible how powerful the state of relaxation is, the inner sceptic is silenced and my dreams of being a light, graceful woodland runner become tangible. leaving me feeling confident and accomplished. Everyone will have their own reasons for not achieving their goals, they will also have their own motivations for accomplishment. If you want to find yours, get in touch using my contact page, I am here to help if you want it.

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Thank you for reading.

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