Week One Complete!


I have finally started training! After going through my calendar last week and finding out that the couch to 10k takes 14 weeks to go through, I decided I had better get going!

I will finish c210k in June and from there will continue to run 3 miles twice a week and alternate between 3 miles and subsequently longer runs until October 8th – Half Marathon Day.

Running is definitely all in the mind. I found on the third run of the week I was thinking more about my breathing, counting each in breath and out breath to keep them measured and trying to expand my diaphragm and breathe more deeply, and it seemed so much quicker than the first 2. Thinking ‘I can’t do this’ made me all wobbly on the treadmill and panic a lot more, so I’m aware that I need to control my thoughts a lot more. I have found focusing on a single point really helps, and not the timer.

Also, standing under an air vent is a must as BOY does my face glow after a 30 minute run!

Keep posted for more tales, and if you enjoyed reading this please contribute to my JG page.


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