I have been quite pleased with my progress this week, I have fought the urge to lie in 2/3 times and ran a little faster and a little further. I have strengthened my mindfulness technique by focusing on a spot in front of me until it gets a little blurry which allows me to feel anchored. I then can focus on relaxing the muscles in my jaw, my back and feel my legs move more fluidly, taking my mind off of the fact that I am ‘working’ my body. My concern was how to feel anchored running outside with out a specific spot to focus on.

So on Friday I thought that I would postpone my run until Saturday and instead of running on a treadmill I would run, wild and free, along the Whistle Way in Narborough. I met my friend and her husband for dinner at The Gate in Osbaston on Friday evening, where we shared a bottle of wine with dinner, and agreed to continue the joviality at her home in Bosworth. On the way to their home we bought two bottles of wine. At her home we drank two bottles of wine. At some blurry point after this vodka and lemonade seemed like a rational idea and that is all I remember from Friday evening.

Honestly I did not know what physical shape I was on Saturday morning. I woke up at 8am, stumbled to the shop and bought bacon, a cob and orange juice. Retreated home, consumed items and spent maybe 5 hours trying to keep still and wailing like a wounded Chewbacca. Needless to say I missed Saturday’s run, but I know now not to overindulge on wine and that mistakes can happen. I recovered, ate better and drank my body weight in water and am now ready for Week 4!


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