How can hypnotherapy help me quit smoking?

Hypnotherapy sessions to help you give up smoking are a little different than 50 minute sessions to help you lose weight or eliminate stress. Firstly, it is one 2 hour session, so you will only need one visit. Secondly, the information used to help you quit is provided solely by you.

The session begins with a conversation about your smoking, which allows both the client and the hypnotherapist to understand your history and attachment to smoking. This makes it a very personal service, tailored precisely to you and your needs, giving it a much higher success rate.

After this information has been discussed you, the client, will be inducted into hypnosis. This is not as scary or sci-fi as the media makes it look, it merely means getting your mind and body to relax and be more open to suggestion. You remain in complete control the entire time. Using the information gained earlier, these personal reasons for quitting smoking are relayed back to you when you are in the right frame of mind for them to have a meaningful impact. This is incredibly powerful, and it works if you are 100% committed to giving up smoking.

After the session of hypnosis you are gently reconnected to the outside world and are able to ask any questions or discuss any feelings or thoughts that may have appeared.

Find out if this service will work for you.

Get in touch, begin the end of your smoking habit.

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