Head Space

By telling myself that I hadn’t failed last week (because I drank all the wine and missed a run) I managed to go out and make great progress during week 5 of my couch to 10k. I was quite worried, thinking as I had missed that run I would be behind and had thrown my whole carefully planned schedule off kilter, and it made me feel worse. So instead I didn’t think about it, and when Monday rolled around I got up, put my kit on and went to the gym and ‘smashed it’ as those hopped up gym bunnies say.

It was great, after the run my problem was a teeny tiny little bump that I couldn’t even see, whereas before the run it was a looming, mocking blockade with ‘I knew you would fail’ scrawled all over it.  I didn’t need to follow that plan to a T in order to achieve what I wanted. I just needed to stay positive, keep determined and just do it. Maybe the creators of that Nike slogan were also anxious and hungover with a deadline.

For those of you who are not aware, week 5 of the c210k trainer includes a 20 minute, non-stop run, which for a n00b is a tough pill to swallow. I bloody well went for it though, which has been a successful attitude throughout this journey so far. I downloaded a new ‘No such thing as a Fish’ podcast (thank you, Lizzie) and went at my own pace. I am still bad at stretching before a run, so I started off slowly until my limbs felt warm and fluid, it is a hard feeling to explain, but when you get there you feel like you were built to run, like a well-made machine. I have been running outdoors a bit more in this sunny weather as the London Parks Half Marathon won’t be on a treadmill, and it is rather pleasant. Let’s hope the sun sticks around over Easter. x

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