Picking up where I left off

Happy Autumn Everyone!

This is my favourite season where the weather is a mix between bright and blustery, lending itself to lovely walks as the leaves change, or it is absolutely miserable and I don’t feel guilty about binge watching Crazy ex- girlfriend for the third time.

I ran the London Half Marathon on October 8th in just over 3 hours and have signed up for the Wolf Run in Leicester for 5th Novemebrrr…thermals at the ready! I am excited about this as it is with people from my new work place, but a little nervous as a few seem super fit and I am all about the fun! I am focusing on the positives though and believe it will be a great team building experience, and burn a few hundred calories.

Speaking of calories…

I have set myself a strict diet plan so I know what meals I will be eating every day, which takes the guess work (or stress work) out of calorie counting. All the meals are delicious and easy and it averages out to 1250 calories a day, putting me at a 3500 deficit for the week. On top of that I am also using my apple watch to track the amount of calories I burn through exercise and use this as a guide for eating treats. I do take it with a pinch of salt though as I am aware they are not always accurate.

I currently weight 12st 12lb and my goal weight is 10st 10lb. I am hoping to lose 1lb per week until I reach that goal. My ultimate time limit is October 10th 2018 (My 30th Birthday).

I will be adding my meal plan and some hypnotherapy recordings to the blog at a later stage, please get in touch if you have any advice or questions.

Love yourself


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