I’m back, Mitches!!

Well, after a month long hiatus, my common sense and self care instincts have resurfaced and are here to take over!

Since entering the third decade of my life I have had to deal  with some personal issues which have required me to mentally check out for a few hazey weeks. I have now, however, reached a state of  health where I am day-napping on the sofa, waking up at 4am to accost my curtains for letting light in and breathing like a rusty set of bagpipes. Pas bien.

I woke up today, having indulged in my distractions for too long, with a plan to start anew. I am ready to reboot! I am doing this by visiting my beau in Wales and enjoying some sea air, coastal walks and early nights to re-invigorate myself! I have been threatening to hypnotise myself for a while now so I will write and record my screeds whilst I am away. This will help me to condition my thoughts and strengthen my resolve against any unwanted behaviours, such as slobbing out, eating whatever I sees and shmoking.

I have had some great support from this weight loss website but it does feel hit and miss sometimes. It seems hard to find someone with the same intentions, body composition and metabolism to share the journey with! I am far too sensitive/ competitive to work with a wider group of people, so this means that I need to buckle down! I want this so I have to do it myself. I feel writing about the journey will help me be my own guide, and I don’t have to worry about being perfect for other people. This is great if it helps you, but I need to help myself now. Don’t follow me because I run into walls!!

I am still seeking support and help with resisting temptations, I want to feel beautiful, slim and confident but I settle for feeling soft and comfortable. I am working on myself and happy to accept any help and use any negatives to fuel me on even further!!

Love Yourself x

P.S  I have a *New Goal* too! My sister is getting married on 28th September 2019, and I will look good in the pictures!

Week 4: Company en Route

Hey All!

I missed writing a blog post last week because, in all honesty, I saw 180lb on the scale again. I was embarrassed, frustrated and I felt like I had let you down, even though you don’t know me, have never met me and may not even care about my journey! I have realized for a  while that I put other’s needs before my own and I am working on that by prioritizing my priorities. I am committed to Fat-Nav and to myself losing weight, and writing about it, warts and all, has helped me keep it at the top of my list.

This past week I have joined a couple of weight loss forums for support (I am unable to take support from my family for various reasons) and I have been sorely disappointed. I made a couple of like minded connections but I received more spam than it was worth. Luckily, I have a friend of a friend on facebook who found CrossFit, you know the type! She had shared progress pictures of earlier journeys and now she is doing another cut and looking for people to join in. I jumped at the chance! I will be cutting down on starchy carbs for 3 weeks, keeping them to under 40g a day, and I already feel better by day 3. She has said she is happy to support me if I want, but I am not super confident about her commitment. She may be a facebook friend but I doubt she would be there through one of my ramsey-esque rages where I furiously question why chocolate mash potato isn’t a thing.

It got me thinking about what I need on a long car journey to keep me moving forward, aside from petrol, caffeine and a determination to get home. I would need a car buddy, someone on the same journey, maybe one who points out potholes or provides navigation when I am facing a diversion. I also enjoy music or podcasts as in-car entertainment. In Fat-Nav terms I think a buddy is helpful only if they are on the same journey, not one who complains about how difficult it is, begrudges your progress or lures you onto their much more intense route. I am now also trying to avoid any social media or TV programs which contradict my current goals. I am far too persuadable and I want to get home.

In lieu of a twin sister or chunky BFF I have been using counselling and hypnotherapy to report to and take advice and solace from. I write in my journal each night, focusing on my emotions and highlighting my successes and untangling my failures. I use self-hypnotherapy to instill my goals into me as I fall into a deep, wonderful slumber. I will probably dedicate a blog post to this as I find it really helpful and interesting.

Love Yourself,

H xfat nav map W3

Week One: Bumps Already?!

fat nav map W1

I am blogging for you today, practically from under my duvet, with shame and frustration. I knew I had events to attend this weekend and I convinced myself that I was going to A) eat a moderate amount B) drink a moderate amount and C) not smoke. Well… none of that happened.

Both events I went to were, I daren’t even say it…buffets.  Tasty, unlimited mountains of food in all shapes, colours and sizes. It comes with the added bonus of wise elders forcing leftovers into your protesting hands. ‘Otherwise’ they say, their eyes widening with fear ‘It will Go To Waste’, the most abhorrent place Baby Boomers can imagine. I now have a useless block of Stilton and a half tub of pate stinking out fridge. However the er, ginormous slab of cake may or may not have been consumed for breakfast the following day… Saturday broke my others vows, it was just lots and lots of lovely gin, well gin and creamy potato salad.

I had these events on Friday and Saturday and came home around 6pm on Sunday evening. I weighed in at a whopping 185lbs on Sunday and, knowing my body, I knew/ hoped that my cactus DNA had kicked in. Please let me know if you are the same, but if I get dehydrated from alcohol or smoking my body can hold almost 8lbs of water. Eight. Pounds. Of. Water. This means that after one too many drinks and cigarettes I turn into the CoolAid Man. I drank so much water over the last two days to counteract this, feeling that climbing the stairs every 10 minutes to pee would surely count as cardio. I weighed in at 181lbs this morning. Yes, it is not as bad as 185lbs but is still further away from my destination!

Anyway, lessons to learn for the rest of my journey. If I am serious about reaching my destination I need to learn to say no. I can have fun without drinking and I can eat a meal without going overboard. If, in future, I feel unable to resist the buffet I will bring my own lunch and claim I have specific dietary requirements, which in essence I do if I want to stay on track. I had a fantastic first half of the week and I enjoyed seeing my friends and family whilst seeing out the summer. It is not the end of the road, I am not giving up and I damn well am going to see at least 177 lbs on the scale next Tuesday!

Love Yourself,


Planning your journey: Map it Out

The first step to starting any journey is to set out your route and understand how long it will take to reach your destination. I know a lot of people that won’t start a diet because they feel the results are not quick enough for them, but you would not start a car journey off by steaming ahead at 200mph because it is unsafe and unsustainable. I believe the most stable way to make this ‘journey of a lifetime’ is to set a comfortable pace and keep moving towards your goal, the results may take longer but they won’t burn out your engine.

I weighed myself on Tuesday 28th August and the scale read 180.4 lbs. My goal weight is 150 lbs and I intend to lose 2 lbs a week. This is based on the NHS guidelines for a safe rate of weight loss, which is 1-2 lbs a week. This will be easily achievable with a food and exercise plan, which I will be putting up and explaining in my next post. However, there are birthdays and parties coming up in the next few weeks so I expect to see some diversions.

To further prepare for your journey you need to ensure your vehicle, or body, is up to scratch. It is recommended to see your doctor for confirmation before undergoing any diet. I have been monitoring my caloric intake and exercise for the past few months and I feel 100% confident in my ability to adapt and progress with my plan. It is important to have the right fuel for your body, such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats and to ensure your water tank is consistently topped up. Excess baggage is another thing altogether and I will unpack that in a later post, as we all carry things with us that may be slowing us down.

If you want to share your thoughts or experiences, or ask any questions, please leave a comment below!

Love yourself,


My Fat-Nav Journey Begins

Happy Tuesday everyone! This is a very exciting day for me as it is the day I start my Fat-Nav journey to finally get rid of my Tum-Tum.

This idea started a couple of weeks ago when I went to visit my lovely in-laws in Wales and on the 4 hour drive I took a wrong turn and added an extra 20 miles to our journey. It was frustrating, I was tired but after driving for two and a half hours we were not turning back. This got me thinking about all the times I had gone home or back to square one when I had taken a wrong turn in my previous weight loss journeys. I thought if I had my own sat-nav guide for weightloss where I could see my goal arrival time, see the distance I have already covered and receive timely prompts to keep me on track I would have a better chance at reaching my destination.

I am going to write about this weekly and in between posts I will put up anything helpful I can think of. This is not a diet and exercise plan. This is a way to keep myself motivated, to keep myself moving towards my goal when I get diverted and to help me realise how far I can go.

If you want to car-pool with me to a more mindful way to lose weight then please get in touch! In the next few days I shall be putting out my first Chapter of the story “How to Prepare for the Journey” and will show you exactly what I am doing every step of the way.

Love Yourself,