I’m back, Mitches!!

Well, after a month long hiatus, my common sense and self care instincts have resurfaced and are here to take over!

Since entering the third decade of my life I have had to deal  with some personal issues which have required me to mentally check out for a few hazey weeks. I have now, however, reached a state of  health where I am day-napping on the sofa, waking up at 4am to accost my curtains for letting light in and breathing like a rusty set of bagpipes. Pas bien.

I woke up today, having indulged in my distractions for too long, with a plan to start anew. I am ready to reboot! I am doing this by visiting my beau in Wales and enjoying some sea air, coastal walks and early nights to re-invigorate myself! I have been threatening to hypnotise myself for a while now so I will write and record my screeds whilst I am away. This will help me to condition my thoughts and strengthen my resolve against any unwanted behaviours, such as slobbing out, eating whatever I sees and shmoking.

I have had some great support from this weight loss website but it does feel hit and miss sometimes. It seems hard to find someone with the same intentions, body composition and metabolism to share the journey with! I am far too sensitive/ competitive to work with a wider group of people, so this means that I need to buckle down! I want this so I have to do it myself. I feel writing about the journey will help me be my own guide, and I don’t have to worry about being perfect for other people. This is great if it helps you, but I need to help myself now. Don’t follow me because I run into walls!!

I am still seeking support and help with resisting temptations, I want to feel beautiful, slim and confident but I settle for feeling soft and comfortable. I am working on myself and happy to accept any help and use any negatives to fuel me on even further!!

Love Yourself x

P.S  I have a *New Goal* too! My sister is getting married on 28th September 2019, and I will look good in the pictures!