Week One: Bumps Already?!

fat nav map W1

I am blogging for you today, practically from under my duvet, with shame and frustration. I knew I had events to attend this weekend and I convinced myself that I was going to A) eat a moderate amount B) drink a moderate amount and C) not smoke. Well… none of that happened.

Both events I went to were, I daren’t even say it…buffets.  Tasty, unlimited mountains of food in all shapes, colours and sizes. It comes with the added bonus of wise elders forcing leftovers into your protesting hands. ‘Otherwise’ they say, their eyes widening with fear ‘It will Go To Waste’, the most abhorrent place Baby Boomers can imagine. I now have a useless block of Stilton and a half tub of pate stinking out fridge. However the er, ginormous slab of cake may or may not have been consumed for breakfast the following day… Saturday broke my others vows, it was just lots and lots of lovely gin, well gin and creamy potato salad.

I had these events on Friday and Saturday and came home around 6pm on Sunday evening. I weighed in at a whopping 185lbs on Sunday and, knowing my body, I knew/ hoped that my cactus DNA had kicked in. Please let me know if you are the same, but if I get dehydrated from alcohol or smoking my body can hold almost 8lbs of water. Eight. Pounds. Of. Water. This means that after one too many drinks and cigarettes I turn into the CoolAid Man. I drank so much water over the last two days to counteract this, feeling that climbing the stairs every 10 minutes to pee would surely count as cardio. I weighed in at 181lbs this morning. Yes, it is not as bad as 185lbs but is still further away from my destination!

Anyway, lessons to learn for the rest of my journey. If I am serious about reaching my destination I need to learn to say no. I can have fun without drinking and I can eat a meal without going overboard. If, in future, I feel unable to resist the buffet I will bring my own lunch and claim I have specific dietary requirements, which in essence I do if I want to stay on track. I had a fantastic first half of the week and I enjoyed seeing my friends and family whilst seeing out the summer. It is not the end of the road, I am not giving up and I damn well am going to see at least 177 lbs on the scale next Tuesday!

Love Yourself,