Week 4: Company en Route

Hey All!

I missed writing a blog post last week because, in all honesty, I saw 180lb on the scale again. I was embarrassed, frustrated and I felt like I had let you down, even though you don’t know me, have never met me and may not even care about my journey! I have realized for a  while that I put other’s needs before my own and I am working on that by prioritizing my priorities. I am committed to Fat-Nav and to myself losing weight, and writing about it, warts and all, has helped me keep it at the top of my list.

This past week I have joined a couple of weight loss forums for support (I am unable to take support from my family for various reasons) and I have been sorely disappointed. I made a couple of like minded connections but I received more spam than it was worth. Luckily, I have a friend of a friend on facebook who found CrossFit, you know the type! She had shared progress pictures of earlier journeys and now she is doing another cut and looking for people to join in. I jumped at the chance! I will be cutting down on starchy carbs for 3 weeks, keeping them to under 40g a day, and I already feel better by day 3. She has said she is happy to support me if I want, but I am not super confident about her commitment. She may be a facebook friend but I doubt she would be there through one of my ramsey-esque rages where I furiously question why chocolate mash potato isn’t a thing.

It got me thinking about what I need on a long car journey to keep me moving forward, aside from petrol, caffeine and a determination to get home. I would need a car buddy, someone on the same journey, maybe one who points out potholes or provides navigation when I am facing a diversion. I also enjoy music or podcasts as in-car entertainment. In Fat-Nav terms I think a buddy is helpful only if they are on the same journey, not one who complains about how difficult it is, begrudges your progress or lures you onto their much more intense route. I am now also trying to avoid any social media or TV programs which contradict my current goals. I am far too persuadable and I want to get home.

In lieu of a twin sister or chunky BFF I have been using counselling and hypnotherapy to report to and take advice and solace from. I write in my journal each night, focusing on my emotions and highlighting my successes and untangling my failures. I use self-hypnotherapy to instill my goals into me as I fall into a deep, wonderful slumber. I will probably dedicate a blog post to this as I find it really helpful and interesting.

Love Yourself,

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